CPAW moves forward with ban on drones for hunting

colorado parks and wildfire cpawThe Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is moving forward with a ban on using drones for hunting or scouting as part of a new set of rules for the next hunting season.

During a meeting in Lamar, the commission adopted new fishing regulations for 2014 including adding tiger trout and cutbow to the list of game fish in the state.

The commission also adopted restrictions on fishing methods in certain conservation waters across the state and approved regulations for hunting turkey and improvements to the hunting license program.

While not yet official, the drone ban is a new area for CPAW, who wants to say ahead of the new technology.

Unmanned drones may be more familiar to Americans from their use in counter-terrorism operations against Islamist militants.  However, the drones have become increasingly more affordable to amateur users and wildlife official worry hunters could use them to track or even shoot game.

The ban would make it illegal to hunt an animal until 48 hours after a scouting flight — following a “fair chase” ethos adhered to by many hunters.

Commissioners have another meeting in Pueblo in December.

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