New X-UAV distributor for South Africa

Talon-3C-Faktor Technology has teamed-up with the makers of the Talon, X-UAV, to become South Africa’s official distributor.

The Talon can fly stably with large lifting force and small resisting force, with a thrust-weight ratio of only 0.2~0.3:1. With a 4S 15000MAH battery, the flying weight is 2.4kg; and if you equip it with different kinds of aerial tools, its weighs around 3kg. The wing is able to load 48g/dm2. It can stay in the air for hours if flown correctly.

Further, the Talon is more resistant to weather conditions and still flies well even in a strong breeze. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble which make the Talon an ideal portable UAV body for FPV (first person view) systems.

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