Drones Could Help Tulsa Firefighters During Search, Rescue

The technology would help firefighters find people or fight fires from the air. It's not a bird and it's more than a toy.

The Tulsa Fire Department spent the day getting a bird’s-eye view.

They tried out a new aerial system that could help during a search and rescue efforts.

TFD says the technology is there for a different system that would help them find people or fight fires from the air.

It’s not a bird and it’s more than a toy.

It is an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, some might call it a drone.

It comes from Oklahoma State University where Dr. James Kidd is a professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department.

“This is one of many little airframes that we have, both fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft,” Kidd said.

Kidd brought his team and airplane to Tulsa to show TFD what it can do.

“I think it’s a great learning experience for us today,” TFD Capt. Terry Sivadon said.

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