Micro UAVs achieve mission-centric capability to greatly enhance Command and Control


Singapore 11 November 2013- Micro UAVs (MUAV) are to provide their Operator with surveillance on demand, but until now supporting actions have detracted from the full value they could offer. Operators have to balance the efforts of managing their flight path via waypoints, interpreting the images received with their geo-position, monitoring the remaining flight time available and other technical tasks that detract from the true objective of the MUAV, which is to gain intelligence of the area under observation.

To refocus the deployment of MUAVs, HOPE Technik embarked on a multi-prong development to bring a new paradigm to their usage.

The SPIDER Micro UAV is a field-tested and deployed solution that allows multiple Operators to direct multiple MUAVs towards several objectives, concurrently. This changes the current relationship of one-to-one control of the MUAVs, and replaces it with the ability to have a team of MUAVs being a shared resource amongst several Operators. Each Operator merely has to use their Smartphone or Tablet to select the location of interest on the map, or on the ‘live’ video image for this request to be sent to the team of MUAVs. The team of MUAVs will then self-select the most appropriate aircraft which will then be dispatched to provide the surveillance. Different hierarchal rules can be preset to govern the authority each Operator has.

The team of MUAVs is self-forming and self-healing, whereby any additional MUAVs that join this network are accepted on an ad-hoc basis and will add to the assets available to provide the surveillance, and any MUAVs that are removed from the team are reflected by the immediate automatic reconfiguration of the aircraft allocations.

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