dehogaflierSeveral states across the country have a problem with a growing population of free-running, feral pigs, but none know the issue so well as Texas.

The state has the largest population of the wild hogs in the country, with some towns experiencing issues like torn up yards and even having fears about children’s safety.

But farmers bothered by the hogs in the state might consider a bit of military technology to tackle their 1.5 million-plus hog problem.

WFAA-TV’s Jim Douglas went to Louisiana to check out a hog-hunting drone being commissioned by farmers there.

The Dehogaflier is operated by a two-man hog-hunting team in Louisiana. They hope to someday put their technology to use in other states experiencing problems with feral pig populations. (Image source: Louisiana Hog Hunters/Facebook)

The “Dehogaflier,” as it’s called by its creators, is not armed like some military drones (although its creators do contract with the Defense Department on other projects), but more simply is equipped with a thermal camera that is used to direct a shotgun-wielding hunter to his target.

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