AUAV3 development board at lower price

UAV3 development board/autopilot has a new lower price – just $79.95 and could be ordered at ARSOVTECH.COM for EU and at AUAV.CO for US. The project becomes open hardware – all the schematics and pcb layouts will be supplied to the customers. The firmware is almost ready….not many bugs left and will be fixed soon. You could download it from here . You could try both Mark Whitehorn and Robert Dickenson branches as there are slight differences.

Let’s recall some AUAV3 specifications:

  • MCU – dsPIC33EP512MU810
  • Onboard 32Mb Flash AT45DB321
  • Onboard IMU – MPU6000
  • Onboard compass – HMC5883
  • Onboard absolute pressure sensor – BMP180
  • Onboard CAN – MAX3051
  • Two opto-isolated UARTs – for OSD and Telemetry
  • One non-isolated UART
  • One I2C and one SPI user interfaces
  • 8xRC inputs, 8 servo outputs
  • RSSI input
  • USB
  • 4 x Analog inputs
  • 3 x Digital I/Os
  • Universal GPS 4pin 2.54 connector
  • ICSP 5pin connector
  • 4 x LEDs red, blue, green and yellow
  • Main power – external 5V
  • Onboard 3.3V 1A LDO regulator
  • Optional BackUp power – 1xLi-Po or 4xNiMH or other 5V
  • ESC powering capability
  • Preferable power supply – ACSP1 ( Current/Voltage sensor board + 5V3A DC-DC Buck )
  • Dimensions – 45 x 35mm
  • Two types of connectors – 2 x 3row x 14pin 2.54mm right angled or separate straight color coded connectors
  • USB port for programming, etc.
  • CAN interface with driver MAX3051
  • ESD protection on I2C, USB and SPI
  • Reverse power polarity protection by power MOSFET

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