Intergeo Post-Show Report

IG13_Anflug-auf-Berlin-IntergeoThe annual Intergeo conference and trade fair, this year held October 8–10 in Essen, Germany, elicited three principal observations from the three GPS World staff who attended:

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles, particularly in micro-form factor, have exploded across multiple sectors of the industrial economy. Emulating GPS — and carrying GPS on board in most cases — UAV has become an enabling technology with far-reaching implications.
  • Mobile devices bearing GPS/GNSS have likewise exploded, with many more commercial makers and models of handheld survey/mapping devices and location-enabled tablets to be found in Europe than in the United States.
  • GNSS manufacturers from China are making major efforts to secure distributors and break into the international market. Several had substantial booths, noticeably larger than the fewer, smaller booths present at Intergeo 2012.

Like ION-GNSS+, Intergeo spans an industrial exhibit and a technical conference, but the emphasis in Germany is decidedly on the former.

The technical conference covers key topics from a geoinformational perspective: environment, climate, energy, disaster management, cartography, spatial data, land policy, geographic information systems (GIS), and satellite processes and geodesy. About 140 presentations in 40 subject areas drew 1,300 participants — slightly larger than ION-GNSS+.

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