Helicopter drone tours fire affected Lithgow

Stunning drone video has emerged of residents and fire crews on the ground at fire-affected Lithgow in the central tablelands of NSW.

The footage, recorded by a GoPro 3 Silver affixed to an unmanned Quadcopter, takes viewers on an eerie tour through burned out sheds, over scorched mountains and untouched properties, with ember red flames knocking at their back door.

The moving scenes, filmed over the last few days, include a group of firefighters seen surveying damage at a nearby forest, where countless spot fires continue to burn.

As the drone pulls back, a cloud of ash over the greater Lithgow area stands as an ongoing reminder of the volatile bushfires which continue to threaten the town.

The aerial vision proved useful to firefighters, according to a spokesman for cividrones, responsible for deploying the drone.

“I acquired the OK to film the firefighters in action on the spot, and they took turns observing the fire lines from my goggles live,” he said.

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