Privately-owned drones rise in popularity, as FAA navigates potential risks

Drones is a loaded word that has been flying off politicians’ tongues for years now. But to be clear: this story is not about the unmanned military aircraft used to strike foreign targets.

This is a story about small, privately-owned drones, equipped with cameras and technology that can, and will, change the way we live our lives.

Each month at a rural airport near Washington D.C., Tim Reuter organizes one of several nationwide groups of hobbyists and hopeful entrepreneurs dedicated to expanding drone use.

“We really believe the sky is the limit with this technology, and we really want to incentivize people to start thinking about how to apply this to real world problems using low cost drones that an individual or a community could conceivably own,” said Reuter.

Unmanned, camera-toting drones can go where many aircraft and helicopters can’t, more safely and much, much more cheaply.

For example, a drone that costs a few hundred dollars can be used to monitor wildlife reserves and assess damage from dangerous natural disasters.

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