Extreme Demolition: Watch 200ft wind turbine tower toppled in Torrington CT


CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Petr Hejl is a hobbyist drone photographer. For his latest project, he filmed the demolition of a 200-foot wind turbine in Torrington, Connecticut. Optiwind, a start-up energy company, built the turbine prototype in 2009, but financial difficulties forced the company to close in 2013, Hejl said.

Hejl mounted a GoPro camera to a hexacopter and operated the device from the ground. “I use a video transmitter and receiver to send the live feed of the video to my ground station, so I can see what I’m filming,” he explained. “This is a single-operator setup, when both the aircraft and the camera gimbal are controlled by one person (takes a little practice).”
– zdan, CNN iReport producer

Demolition of 200ft (61m) wind turbine tower at Klug Hill Farm in Torrington CT. Optiwind was an energy startup developing a mid-sized wind turbine design. This tower is a prototype built in 2009. Financial difficulties forced Optiwind to close its doors in early 2013, leaving the tower behind. With no other suitable use for the tower, decision was made to bring it down. After removing all the support braces, the three main columns were cut with plasma torch (the last one from the passenger seat of an ATV) , and a gentle tug with a tractor did the rest. Aerial shots captured using DJI F550 hexacopter with Gimbal mounted GoPro Hero3.


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