SAFER – Sample Field Acquisition with a rover Objectives, Mars mission simulation Atacama


Nice one Nigel, well one of Nigel’s Quest UAV airframes and autopilot solutions, the Quest 200

In the frame of the SAFER field trial project, a research and development activity performed by an international industrial team overseen by ESA’s Directorate of Technical and Quality Management, practical experience is being gained this week on operating a Martian rover vehicle prototype equipped with scientific instruments. The industrial team is led by the STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK.
The teams involved in the field trials in Atacama, Chile, will be from the following organisations
ESA, UK Space Agency, RAL Space, SCISYS, Astrium, Space-X, LATMOS, Joanneum Research, UCL, Aberystwyth University, University of Leicester, Satellite Applications Catapult, Harwell.

The SAFER (Sample Acquisition Field Experiment with a Rover) field trails campaign will run for a total of 7 days from Monday 7th October in the Atacama, close to ESO’s Paranal Observatory with parallel activities in Harwell, Oxfordshire. One team will be based in the field in Chile, operating the Bridget rover, and the other will be in the remote control centre based at the Satellite Applications Catapult Centre in Harwell.

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