210 pounds of marijuana dropped by ultra-lite aircraft

On October 17 at approximately 12 a.m. U.S. Border Patrol agents intercepted an ultra-lite aircraft about seven miles north of Plantation Rd.
According to a statement from U.S. Border Patrol one of their cameras spotted the ultra-lite aircraft.  Using an unarmed unmanned air-craft system (UAS) they were able to follow the aircraft.

The ultra-lite aircraft made a drop of 210 pounds of marijuana then flew south.

Agents were able to recover the drugs which have a street value of $105,000.

U.S. Border Patrol used to see the use of ultra-lite aircrafts often but about three years ago have moved out of Arizona.

USBP UAS were first used in the southwest border in 2005 and along the northern border in 2009.

The UAS program focuses on anti-terrorism by helping to identify and intercept potential terrorists and illegal border crossing activity.

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