Concept: drone-launching drones aim to aid in disaster relief

In the event of some unforeseen future disaster, the likelihood of drones taking part in an emergency response team is growing. Police drones, military drones and even defibrillator-equipped medical emergency drones are beginning to take to the skies. But in the case of a disaster like a forest fire or an oil spill, one drone just won’t cut it.

That’s why a Canadian company called Eqquera is developing the drone equivalent of a flying aircraft carrier. Capable of launching a number of sub-UAVs from its back, this is “Mother Hen”, or the SQ-EQQ to use the company’s Q-heavy technical designation for the thing.

Mother Hen is a jet-propelled drone that features a delta-wing style body capable of theoretically carrying three “friendly chicks” upon its back. The chicks themselves are flying saucer-esque quadrotors that are meant to do the lion’s share of the grunt work at a disaster site. Mother Hen just gets them there and provides a home base for them to return to.

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