CBBIC reopens after renovations; looks to create jobs in the Coastal Bend

UAS initiative housed in CBBIC; proposed test site largest in USAfter more than $1.4 million in renovations to the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center (CBBIC), a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to commemorate its completion.

The ceremony brought together invited guests from the city, county and state, including Rep. Todd Hunter and Mayor Nelda Martinez, into the newly renovated Innovation Center.

After a tour of the Innovation Center, which houses anywhere from 15-18 clients in the facility, Bill Cone, Director of the CBBIC, reported on the process of the renovations and what the newly expanded facility means for the University, small business in the Coastal Bend, and beyond.

“With this remodeling, we can increase our resident base to 30-35 clients. That’s significant because the more clients we get, the more jobs we create,” Cone said. “Our mission is to create jobs and wealth in the Coastal Bend.

The Innovation Center, which received a federal grant for the renovations, is off to a great start. Cone states that they have averaged 100 new jobs a year into the local market.

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