Possible Unmanned Aircraft Systems Practice Facility

On Friday, Mesa County is now a candidate to have a practice facility for unmanned aircrafts.

Grand Junction city officials say Mesa County is one of 14 applicants for a potential testing range.

And because of these options members from many statewide colleges and universities, business leaders, and the Mesa County Sheriff’s office met to discuss what this site might mean for Grand Junction.

“I’m told that the school of mines maybe using them to fly down into mine shafts to do air quality testing and check water levels. Agricultural uses, precision agricultural or instead of hiring a crop duster, a farmer could actually spray their own fields,” said Adams County Economic Development Barry Gore.

Officials say these unmanned aircraft systems are not considered ‘drones.’ A term they believe is causing a negative feeling from the public.

And they add that these flying machines help with our everyday lives.Officials say these systems were used to survey the flood damage across the Front Range.

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