Mini-drone gets Kickstarter fuel, but will it fly with the masses?

A mini-drone copter that can be controlled from a smartphone is on the way to the masses, thanks to Kickstarter.

The multinational team behind the Hex Airbothas raised $395,003 on Kickstarter, blowing past a $10,000 goal, with 13 days left to go in its campaign.

“It really has taken off in the first few weeks, anyway. I don’t think anybody on our team expected it,” said Benjamin Black, the U.S. member of a team mostly based in China. “It seems to appeal to hacker types and maker types.”

Little wonder. The nano-copter, which includes a WiFi camera that can be used through the smartphone, hits all of the hot buttons. It’s going to be manufactured using 3-D printing, and all of its software is open source. Plus…it flies.

That last little fact is likely to take its appeal far beyond the hackers and makers referred to by Black.

“We think it’s a product that would appeal to the everyday user,” Black said.

So far, it’s at least appealed to 3,447 people who have donated on Kickstarter.

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