Drones proposed to tackle Marseille crime

Eugène Caselli

Eugène Caselli, the Socialist Party president of the Marseille urban community, and mayoral candidate, proposed on Thursday that drone aircraft be used to seek out drug-dealing and violent crime on the backstreets of the city, which has been hit by a spate of murders.

“Once police get intelligence on gangs of drug-dealers and how they embed themselves in the city, how they move about, and how they sell drugs, that’s when it’s time to deploy the drones,” Mr Caselli said onFrench radio station Europe 1.

“Everything is filmed, and it’s better than a classic police stakeout,” he added.

A petition called ‘Will It Take Batman To Save Marseille?’, was launched after a vigilante pensioner was shot dead after he ran over robbers and then confronted them with a baseball bat and pepper spray. Criminal gangs are even known to use assault rifles, such as AK-47s, thought to be smuggled through Mediterranean ports.

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