Journalists Need To Stay On Top Of Drones

Unmanned flying units could become a great new tool for media, particularly TV stations that need to find more economical ways to cover the news throughout their sprawling markets. To insure that this nascent tool is available to them in a few years, broadcasters need to get involved in the FAA’s regulatory process and keep an eye on state legislatures; they need to learn everything they can about drones and drone regulation.

“The high-pitched whine of a small aircraft suddenly buzzed overhead, streaking in out of nowhere and skimming the wooded canopy just above them. The sound was very close, and Langdon and Sienna froze as the craft raced past.”

In this little excerpt from Dan Brown’s summer bestseller Inferno, a secret paramilitary group and what seems to be the entire local constabulary are relentlessly pursuing our heroes through all the principal tourists sites of Florence (the novel is better as travelogue than thriller). Aiding in the pursuit is the “three-foot-long, radio-controlled chopper” with video camera.

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