Major Deal for Aeronautics

Major Deal for AeronauticsAeronautics has won a contract for supplying the Aerostar Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to the air force of a southeastern country for more than $20 million. This is the first major deal led by the company’s new CEO, Amos Matan.

The system that was acquired is the next generation of the Aerostar, which includes a tactical UAS with a variety of advanced collection measures. It additionally incorporates advanced digital communication, as well as ground control stations with the ability to interface with the client’s command and control layout. The system, which enables real-time intelligence collection with target acquisition and real-time surveillance capabilities, is expected to be integrated into the client’s existing systems. This is the company’s second contract in the Asian country, and the previous systems that were supplied to it recently concluded full successful operational integration.

The Aerostar tactical UAS has been used by more than a dozen defense establishments, militaries and intelligence agencies around the world, including the IDF. In recent years, it has served coalition forces in Afghanistan and in other locations, and it has already seen more than 120,000 operational flight hours.

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