Aerial photography latest tool to sell luxury stock

Aerial drone photography is the new trend for those marketing prestige and luxury properties, according to a photographer taking advantage of the gap in the market.

High-end property sales are currently seeing an increasing amount of aerial photography becoming involved in their marketing, Craig Parry Photography’s Craig Parry said.

Drones, with cameras attached, are being used instead of helicopters to keep expenses down and are opening up the opportunities for thise type of photography, said Parry.

“These latest machines really make it possible to add a lot of punch to aproperty campaign while keeping it affordable. You can get a result like a James Bond movie or a TV epic, without the big budget,” Parry explained.

“There’s a push to license drone users and licenses might end up around$30,000. It could be that you need a pilot’s license, but it will probably changeto a basic aeronautical license called a UAV, unmanned aviation vehicle.”

Elders Lennox Head agent Michael King is one of a number of real estate agents tapping into this type of photography for clients.

King said it assists buyers to see the properties within its setting.

“This is especially helpful for country or coastal properties wherethe location is a big part of the appeal,” he said.

For examples of the aerial photography, see the gallery below showcasing Tintenbar hinterland’s Villa del Sole, a recently listed property with a price set at $2.75 million.

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