The Teradek Clip streams live HD video directly to iPads & iPhones at very low latency

The Teradek Clip (Photo: Business Wire)        Today Teradek is bringing the capabilities of professional video encoders to a chassis that can fit in the palm of your hand. Engineered specifically for unmanned aerial vehicles, the Teradek Clip allows UAV operators to monitor their live HD video feed on iPhones and iPads with latency as low as 4 frames.

Clip is the world’s smallest and lightest H.264 video encoder. The device is no larger than a matchbox, requires less than 3W of power, and weighs fewer than 2 ounces. Clip connects to cameras via micro HDMI and mounts to UAVs or other devices by a custom 1/4-20″ mounting plate. Like Teradek’s other award-winning encoders, Clip can be configured using its intuitive Web interface or the free TeraClip iOS application.

“Clip retains the best features of its big brother, the award winning Cube encoder, but is a fraction of its size and weight, so we can address airborne and other weight sensitive applications better than ever,” said Nicol Verheem, founder and CEO of Teradek. “With the industry’s continued evolution toward smaller cameras and the increased popularity of aerial photography, simply being the world’s smallest encoder was not good enough any longer. We had to fit the device into the lightest and smallest chassis possible. Thus, Clip was born.”

Clip broadcasts over 2.4/5GHz MIMO WiFi and includes dual RP-SMA connectors, which allow users to extend their transmission range by attaching amplifiers or high gain antennas. To ensure a robust video stream during flight, Clip utilizes a custom transport protocol that lets users move in and out of range without having to restart the session each time.

Clip is competitively priced at $599 and can be ordered now with shipments starting late September 2013.

Clip will be showcased along with the Company’s other products at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), from September 13-17, 2013 at Booth #11 A.43.


Teradek is an innovator of wireless video devices and platforms that facilitate creative acquisition and live event broadcasting in full HD. Teradek’s H.264 encoders, bonding devices, and latency-free transmission systems are used throughout many industries for remote video capture, live ENG backhaul, real-time monitoring, proxy recording and webcasting. For complex wireless workflows, Teradek’s cloud-based workflow management platform provides a powerful option for remotely managing a fleet of Teradek devices in real-time. All Teradek devices are designed and manufactured in the USA. Teradek is a Vitec Group brand.

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