Here’s a sneak peek at what your next-gen drone can do

Drones that can think and accomplish tasks on their own aren’t a brand new concept. We all know the military has them, and fast food corporations have their own versions in the works. Having an intelligent, spatially-aware drone of your own, though — that’s pretty cool.

Chris Anderson and his Flight Ops team are putting just such a whirlygig through its paces; one that you can order up for yourself right now.

The video below features a 3DRobotics Y6 drone, but the capabilities being tested are actually those of the brand new Iris drone. Capable of autonomous takeoffs and landings, the Iris is also able to travel between multiple mid-air destinations and return to its roost without the aid of your remote control.

The iris will cost you a good chunk of change at $730, but if you can program it to pick up your ID and cash, and then make a run to the local liquor store, it’ll be worth every penny.

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