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As part of the Tomorrow’s Cities season the BBC is looking at how our lives will be changed by technology in the future. Delivery drones, farmscrapers and robo-taxis, is this what our future world looks like? Experts predict that by 2050 three-quarters of the world’s population will be living in a city. The BBC has put together this interactive graphic showing us how our cities could look in 40 years time.

Forget about pizza delivery boys on mopeds, imagine a drone delivering your pizza! Domino’s the take-away pizza delivery service has already tried and tested this delivery method coining their drone the DomiCopter, and it doesn’t end there, the Chinese company SF Express has begun trial runs delivering packages long distance via drones. These unmanned machines are best known for their military and surveillance uses but as technology advances will we see them all over the skies of our cities. National Geographic shows how drones are being used for perhaps some more practical means such as 3-D Mapping, protecting wildlife, search and rescue, farming and hurricane hunting.

Drones are just one element of our future cities. Imagine multi-purpose skyscrapers that function as huge vertical farms becoming mini ecosystems in the city making use of green energy and recycled waste as well as providing space for residents, retail and recreation. Or self-driving taxis that eliminate the need for traffic lights.

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