Drone pilots take SE Portland challenge


Unmanned aerial drones generally get a bad rap, but a group of tech lovers want to change that.

A drone “tune up” at OMSI Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013. (KOIN 6 News)

They organized a drone challenge event at theOregon Museum of Science and Industrywhere pilots could compete in a battle of skills.

While for many the term “drone” drums up images of warfare or the potential for governmental invasion of privacy, the founder of this Portland event said these drones are really just a fun hobby.

“I think they kind of capture the imagination — of autonomous flying robots; it sounds pretty cool when I just say that,” said Scott Edwards, founder of PDX Drones.

Edwards said the PDX Drones group has about 100 members in the Portland area, who get together and “fly regularly.”

Sunday’s drones challenge event was put on by PDX DronesTechFest NW and Dialsmith.


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