‘Death-from-below’ drone-hunting ‘licenses’ for sale ahead of vote

A tiny Colorado town has yet to vote on whether to allow residents and visitors to hunt for unmanned drones in their “sovereign airspace,” but the hunting “licenses” are already selling like hotcakes at $25 a pop.

Phil Steel brought national attention to his small town of Deer Trail, population about 550, when he proposed the drone-hunting ordinance earlier in the year. It would allow anyone granted a license — whose only qualification be that they speak English — to blast them out of the sky, so long as they use shotguns and only fire on drones flying under 1,000 feet.

Many in Deer Trail admit the absurdity of the ordinance, since no one can recall ever seeing a drone in its skies. But many are also looking at it as a potential revenue-generator for the town, since they’re not restricted to residents only. Soon after the town board decided to refer the idea to voters, town clerk Kim Oldfield told The Daily Caller News Foundation that 400 people had put their names on a waiting list.

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