Al-Qaeda Trying to Counter Drone Campaign

Al-Qaeda Trying to Counter Drone Campaign
TEHRAN (FNA)- In an effort to counter a major threat to its operatives, the Al-Qaeda network has tasked its engineers with exploring ways of shooting down, jamming and remotely hijacking US drones, a media report said on Wednesday.

The Washington Post, quoting top-secret US intelligence documents, said in its online edition Al-Qaeda teams of engineers were trying to make use of the technological vulnerabilities of a weapons system that had caused the network huge losses.

“Although there is no evidence that Al-Qaeda has forced a drone crash or interfered with flight operations, US intelligence officials have closely tracked the group’s persistent efforts to develop a counter-drone strategy since 2010,” the Post added.

A technological breakthrough could curtail the drone campaign that has left 3,000 people dead over the past decade, the daily added.

The Washington Post said it had received the classified intelligence report from Edward Snowden, a fugitive ex-National Security Agency contractor.

In mid-August, the United Nations human rights chief criticized the United States and Israel’s practice of carrying out drone attacks in different countries.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay censured the deadly drone raids at a UN Security Council meeting on the protection of civilians.

“The current lack of transparency surrounding their use (the use of drone attacks) creates an accountability vacuum and affects the ability of victims to seek redress,” she said.

She expressed serious concern “about human rights implications for the protection of civilians of armed drone strikes carried out in the context of counter-terrorism and military operations including in Pakistan, Yemen and Gaza”.

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