Navy chooses multi-sensor electro-optical targeting pods from FLIR for copters and UAVs

altSouth African defence company Tellumat has received a number of orders for its DL-5000 video data link, aimed at the tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market.

Tellumat said that several customers have already placed orders and started to take delivery of the new product prior to the official product launch scheduled to take place at DSEi in London next month.

“It is very exciting that this product has created so much interest this early in the product life cycle”, said Shareef Hoosain, Programme Manager at Tellumat.

The DL-5000 can provide long-distance radio capability and is aimed at small commercial UAVs currently in the market which are unable to manage data links.

The bi-directional C-Band data link allows for multiple and simultaneous HD video channel transmissions while maintaining low video latency. “The high transmission power and low receiver sensitivity allow for a system operational range of up to 250 km line-of-sight, depending on antenna configuration,” Tellumat said.

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