Home Made Drone Beams Wi-Fi

Home Made Drone Beams Wi-Fi

AUG 29, 2013 10:27 AM ET // BY JESSE EMSPAK

Once the exclusive province of the military, drones now protect wildlifestudy ancient ruins and could soon monitor storms. Robot enthusiast Adam Conway decided to add “Wi-Fi hotspot” to the list.

Conway, a product manager at Aerohive, which provides corporate IT networks, used a quadrotor frame, some plywood, and an old router from work to built a drone that can provide a Wi-Fi connection over the local LTE phone network. It can even link up to a corporate virtual private network for extra security.

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He got the idea two years ago when the open source autopiloting program Adrupilot appeared. Conway had always been interested in robots, as it was his major in college. So he decided to build a drone, and then he had a conversation with a co-worker about what to do with it. “The guy said, ‘you have to put Wi-Fi on this drone,’” he told DNews.

After a few false starts — he crashed at least one drone and destroyed a router before he got it right — he had his Wi-FI-capable drone. The whole thing cost only a hundred dollars to build, and would only be twice that if he’d paid for the router.

The quadrotor is a fun platform, Conway said, but it isn’t that efficient as it can only stay up for a short time. He wants to build one that can hover for more than an hour, or have two in tandem that could provide continuous Wi-Fi service. To that end he might eventually go with a more airplane-like design.

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