Hacker pilots a drone with Google Glass using just his head movements

A developer has created code that makes it possible for Google Glass wearers to pilot drones using the slightest of head movements.

Blaine Bublitz, from coding company, IcedDev developed the app for an annual event called Nodebots Day, which is for fans of robots controlled by a JavaScript program called node.js.

He developed the code to work with wheeled robots moving back and forth before adapting it to add right and left movements, as well as up and down, specifically to be used with a NodeCopter.

Blaine Bublitz, pictured right, is shown flying the NodeCopter, seen in the bottom left-hand corner using his Google Glass device.

On his blog, Bublitz explained that he began by creating code that controlled wheeled robots on a table top, before adding left and right steering using a palm-controlled device.

However, he couldn’t see what he was looking at as he moved his head so wanted to control a robot that could be steered and seen from at least eye height.

During a video demonstration, Bublitz, from Phoenix, explained that he developed the code using the Face app that was unveiled during a talk at the event in Portland.

The app can send sensor information — the data needed to fly the drone that is usually sent to the device using a joystick or remote control – to a web server which then rebroadcasts it.

This new broadcast can then be picked up and used by the Google Glass headset.

In the video Bublitz adds that he’s used pitch and roll movements but could also add a rotation option.

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