Lehmann Aviation extends micro UAV line with two new models

The tablet-programmed LA300, being hand-launched

Last November, we heard about Lehmann Aviation’s LA100, a small and fully autonomous UAV designed to capture aerial images with a user-supplied GoPro camera. Now the French company is offering two new models that go farther and stay in the air longer. As with the LA100, both of the new models are designed for use by people with little or no remote piloting experience.

Instead of having to manually control the UAVs in real time, the user preprograms a flight path that the aircraft subsequently follows on its own. The flight path is entered by finger-drawing the desired route on a map of the area displayed on any Windows 8 tablet running an accompanying app. Those coordinates (along with waypoints entered by the user) are subsequently transmitted to the UAV via Wi-Fi.

The user then hand-launches the plane into the air, after which it will proceed to automatically following the given flight path, taking stills or video along the way, before landing back on the ground at a user-chosen location.

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