Cloud Cap Technology TASE400 Gimbals Bring Long Range ISR To The Tactical Level

UTC Aerospace Systems offers two Cloud Cap Technology TASE400 camera system configurations that put the performance of much larger and heavier gimbals in a compact 7 inch, 8 lb. TASE400 package. The TASE400DXR (Daylight Extended Range) and the TASE400LRS (Long Range Spotter) bring high resolution long range HD daylight imagery capabilities, long relegated to larger aircraft and UAV’s, to tactical size UAV’s and small manned aircraft. UTC Aerospace Systems is a unit of United Technologies Corp.

“With these new gimbals a small UAV or manned aircraft can now obtain actionable imagery from greater distances, significantly expanding its value and operational envelope,” said Doug Johnson, director of Marketing, Cloud Cap Technology, “while achieving the same pixels on target as a larger and more expensive system, at a much lower cost of operation.”

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