Sinclair secures UAV approval

Sinclair Community College has earned clearance to fly unmanned aircraft at Wilmington Air Park.

Sinclair Community College will be able to fly UAV's at Wilmington Air Park.

The school announced Thursday it has received two Certificates of Authorization— or CoA’s — from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly UAVs in limited airspace in Wilmington. The two CoA’s allow the school to fly two unmanned aircraft; the Vireo and the SPEAR. Unmanned aircraft are typically called UAV’s or UAS’.

“UAS is a key industry moving forward for the Dayton Region and for the entire nation,” said Steven Johnson, president of Sinclair, said in a statement. “Our role as part of the UAS team here in Southwest Ohio is to serve as a convener and as a supplier of the workforce that this quickly developing industry will desperately need in the coming years.”

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