Northrop Grumman Teams with Dickson College

Northrop Grumman Corp. announced that it is sponsoring a team of high school students from Dickson College who are competing in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Outback Challenge 2013, aimed at promoting UAVs and demonstrating their utility in civilian applications.

As part of the UAV Challenge, the students will develop their own UAV. According to a release, they are required to design, build and fly a UAV capable of delivering life-saving supplies to a lost or injured individual, known as Outback Joe. The team must locate Outback Joe using clues and waypoints, and deliver the payload within a two square metre area.

“The UAV Challenge requires students to apply their combined skills and knowledge of robotics, computing and mathematics as they attempt to develop an unmanned airborne delivery system,” said the Hon Dr Mike Kelly AM, MP, Australian Minister for Defence Materiel. “These are real-life professional skills which are being developed and honed and I am very pleased to see industry playing a leading role in supporting these types of initiatives.”

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