Aero Surveillance introduces a new partnership with Aero Composite Innovation and the new AS 20 Unmanned Aircraft System

Le Castellet, France – April 10thth, 2014 – Aero Surveillance announces a new partnership with Aero Composites Innovations (ACInnov) to focus on advanced Small and Medium Tactical fixed wing surveillance solutions.

The first system coming from the collaboration is Aero Surveillance AS 20 based on ACInnov R^2 rhomboid aircraft, a highly miniaturized ARDENT sensor suite and a portable Ground Control Station. The AS 20 is a 10 Kg Max Take Off Weight capable of up to 1.5 Hour endurance and up to 220 km/h speed for missions that require high speed operations.

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Police: Drone hobbyist’s ‘hexacopter’ interfered with medical helicopter at crash scene

Kele-StanleyAn Ohio hobbyist denies flying a drone over a crash scene after he was told a medical helicopter was on the way.

Police in Ohio say a drone enthusiast refused to ground his ‘hexacopter’ to allow a medical helicopter to land at a crash scene.

Kele Stanley, who appeared in court Monday in Clark County, denies the charge. He said he learned after his drone had made two flights over a truck that hit a tree that a helicopter was on its way, and he did not fly the unmanned aircraft again.

“I am not an idiot,” Stanley said. “If I had known that Care Flight was on the way, my helicopter would have come down immediately. There wouldn’t have been any dispute.”

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Falls man hunting for missing drone

Corey Cheshire lost his drone that he uses for taking photos and videos in February. He believes it crashed along Valley Way in Niagara Falls and he would like to get it back.”

A Phantom Quadcopter equipped with a GoPro high-definition camera went missing shortly after it took off from a Niagara Falls home on Valley Way.

The night was Feb. 7. The drone took flight as it had several times before, but this time it never returned.

A faulty GPS system on board is likely to blame, the last signal transmitted from the aircraft was about four houses away from where it took off. There was evidence of a crash from the last transmission received, but no parts of the aircraft have been recovered.

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Up and Soaring – UAS

Deutsche Post DHL tests Paketcopter
Possibly inspired by online retailer Amazon’s experiments with drone parcel delivery, Germany’s express delivery and mail company, Deutsche Post DHL, has tested a small UAS – dubbed Paketcopter – to deliver parcels up to 6.6 lb (3kg).

A microdrones md4-1000 quadcopter, painted in yellow and red DHL colors, carried a package of medicine across the Rhine River from a pharmacy to a target in front of the Deutsche Post DHL headquarters in Bonn, Germany.

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