Swedish Police Testing Drones As a Part of Law Enforcement Toolkit

Swedish police will adopt drones as an essential part of law enforcement’s everyday toolkit.

DroneEkaterina Blinova — Swedish police have purchased several drones in order to test them as a part of law enforcement’s toolkit.

According to Swedish media sources, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) will be tested across the country and adopted for official police duties by summer 2015. Per Engstrom, a team leader of the Swedish National Police Board in Stockholm characterized the aerial vehicles as small but reliable, adding that they differ from those commonly used by drone enthusiasts.

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Drone smashes through Miami area window, homeowner says

Normally when you hear a window shatter at your home, you think a burglar is breaking in or a kid’s baseball smashed through it, or something along those lines.

But what about a high-tech drone?

Not even Andres Buksh imagined that one on Thursday night.

“I thought it was the neighbors throwing the big garbage out for Friday pick-up,” Buksh told CBS Miami.

Instead, when he checked Friday morning, he says, he found a drone had crash into his Hialeah home and it had broken his bedroom window.

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RCMP warned Ottawa last year of possible drone terror threat

Drone flights, as depicted in this photo illustration, have caused worry in Paris, a city rattled by the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine office.

The RCMP has warned the federal government that drones — unmanned aerial vehicles — pose a terrorism threat to critical infrastructure in Canada.

Yet a year later, and more than 4½ years after a regulatory overhaul began, Transport Canada has still not developed tougher rules around unmanned flight.

In Paris, mystery drone flights near iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides museum, the U.S. Embassy and government buildings — just weeks after terror attacks on the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine — left the French capital rattled.

Police arrested three Al Jazeera journalists who said they were just filming a news report on the strange unmanned flights. The operator or operators of several suspicious drones spotted in Parisian skies remains unidentified.

In Washington, an intoxicated federal employee crash landed a drone on the White House lawn, exposing a security gap that also faces law enforcement here: many small unmanned aircraft models cannot be detected, let alone shot down by security forces.

Last year the RCMP flagged that very problem. A threat assessment dated March 5, 2014, warned that critical Canadian facilities are targets at risk, and it noted drones have been flown dangerously close to political figures in Europe.

Much of the document is redacted, but it notes that drones have already been used to deliver drugs into a Canadian prison, and it may be only a matter of time before they’re used for more devastating ends.

The document says extremists have “demonstrated they are ready to use UAVs enabled with GPS (global positioning systems) to carry out aerial surveillance in real time of targets and to transport improvised explosive devices and chemical or biological agents.”

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More drone flights to soar at Port Mansfield

Drones4.jpgA landmark project that tests unmanned aircraft for the federal government plans to expand its flights of so-called “drones” from its busiest launch site — Port Mansfield.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi announced its Lone Star Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center will start launching monthly flights in May from Charles R. Johnson Airport here, where it has tested unmanned aircraft, or drones, since October, said Ron George, the university’s senior research development officer.

The program plans to launch its next test flights here Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the university said.  Read the full article…