Gain of Drones: How Flying Robots are Assisting Energy Operations

Gain of Drones: How Flying Robots are Assisting Energy Operations

The sky is becoming the prized possession in the oil and gas industry right now.

Earlier this year, multinational oil and gas company BP was granted authorization for the commercial operation of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) in the United States. It marks the first time the Federal Aviation Administration has approved commercial use for drones, opening the doors to the rise of flying robots and the infinite potential that comes from it.

BP which has been testing the use of UAVs in various forms since 2006, commenced trials to fly the Puma AE UAV at its Prudhoe Bay oilfield in Alaska. The radio-controlled vehicles, which are comprised primarily of ultra-light Kevlar, measure roughly six-feet in length and seven-feet in wingspan.


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