Commercial drones gaining altitude with top IT vendors

Commercial drones gaining altitude with top IT vendors

Credit: NetworkWorld

Cisco, AT&T, Verizon and others have begun to make their moves in the commercial drone market

Google, Verizon and others are partnering with NASA on an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) traffic management scheme. Microsoft has been working with universities on drone-enabled mosquito traps in an effort to stall infectious diseases from spreading. Cisco has shown off drones whose cameras feed into the company’s collaboration technologies. And AT&T, IBM and Intel have all demonstrated advanced drone-based research.

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A Canadian Startup Wants to Replace Drone Batteries With a Gas Engine

Image: Richard Unten/Flickr

Written by MARK MANN

Drones would be amazing if they weren’t so terrible. That is, they’re great at putting cameras and sensors in the sky, but they’re awful at keeping them there. The flight-time for high-end consumer drones generally tops out at 25 minutes, and commercial drones don’t fare much better. Continue reading

Maritime Surveillance Drone Testing to Begin this Summer

File Photo: TEKEVER

The AR5 Life Ray UAS, developed by TEKEVER, has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) to demonstrate the first European maritime surveillance system where drones are integral to operations. The first demonstration will be performed this summer over the Maltese waters of the Mediterranean sea, said Pedro Sinogas, TEKEVER CEO, at the AUVSI Xponential show in New Orleans, La.

Maritime operations have been brought into focus in Europe by the unprecedented migrant crisis. As part of the response to this crisis the EU border patrol agency FRONTEX has recently announced that it is in the planning phase of adding remotely piloted aircraft to its existing portfolio of satellite and sensor technologies for monitoring vessel traffic and migrant flows.

La. Tech team uses 3D printing, sustainable materials to create custom UAV


A team of mechanical engineering students from Louisiana Tech University has used 3D printing and sustainable materials to create a custom unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that could help NASA improve its efforts to study UAV applications and establish an infrastructure to enable and safely manage the widespread use of low-altitude airspace. Continue reading

Ecuador Earthquake: Drones for Disaster Relief

Displaying Benoit_Duverneuil_ADAP_Portoviejo1.jpgFrench­Ecuadorian Drone nonprofit group is using satellite imagery and mapping technology assisted by drones to map areas affected by the most devastating earthquake to hit Ecuador in decades.

Quito, May 5th 2016 ­ D rones are serving a critical role in relief efforts following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck Ecuador on April 16th. Continue reading

University of Windsor prof focuses on drone and robot law

‘The big picture of my research is looking at how to develop a regulatory framework’

Kristen Thomasen will be joining the University of Windsor next year as an assistant professor of law, robotics and society.

Kristen Thomasen will be joining the University of Windsor next year as an assistant professor of law, robotics and society. (Kristen Thomasen/Twitter)

A new University of Windsor law professor will focus on the high-tech problems of the not-too-distant future — specifically drones and robots. Continue reading