A Drone That Finds Survivors Through Their Phones

A drone makes large circles in the sky. With two powerful antennas, it sniffs the data packets emitted by mobile phones. On the ground, an interface developed specifically for this project makes it possible to track the flight of a small robotic aircraft in real time from a computer. Colored dots visible on the screen map indicate the spotted phones. The vehicle tightens its flight around the selected device to indicate its position. “In the best tests we have performed, the place indicated was within 10 meters,” says Jonathan Cheseaux, who worked on this project with Karol Kruzelecki and Stefano Rosati under the supervision of Bixio Rimoldi, head of the Mobile Communications Laboratory.

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Martha Stewart: Why I Love My Drone

Martha Stewart attends the "Get On Up" premiere at The Apollo Theater on July 21, 2014 in New York City.Because it’s a useful tool. And imagine what Louis XIV could have accomplished at Versailles if he’d had one.


3DR Announces Acquisition of Sifteo: Cutting-Edge Electronics, Cutting-Edge Drones

3D Robotics is very happy to announce our acquisition of consumer electronics pioneers, Sifteo.

Sifteo brings to 3DR valuable and unique expertise in developing fun and engaging high-tech consumer products. With their groundbreaking Sifteo Cubes (which The New York Times called “a kick in the imagination”), the company bridged the digital and physical divide by applying the latest in computing, software, and sensors to everyday objects. It’s a divide that 3DR’s technology also bridges, though drones aren’t exactly “everyday objects” (yet).

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Time to Bear Down on AeroVironment?

AeroVironment‘s (NASDAQ: AVAV  ) stock is again on the rise following the release of their fourth-quarter earnings report. The manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems, or UAS, and electric-vehicle charging systems beat Wall Street’s performance expectations in the fourth quarter with a reported $73.5 million in revenue — $4 million more than what analysts’ projected. This is the third quarter that AeroVironment has surpassed analysts’ expectations.

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Tourism NZ takes drones to the slopes

Tourism New Zealand is to start using technology more associated with warzones in an effort to promote the country.

It’s offering to take pictures and videos of holidaymakers using a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle, initially at the South Island ski fields.

Tourism NZ has come up with a novel way to take photos in South Island hotspots.

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Kevin Bowler said “dronies”, which are selfies taken using a drone, would give visitors a chance to capture their holiday moments in an unusual way.

He said professional operators would control the drones with the images offered free to consenting tourists who could upload them to social media.

If the flying cameras were successful they would be used in other tourism hotspots, after the initial two-month South Island campaign.

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